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alterman says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies. >> the law says that if there has been a coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. and the u.s. doesn't want to quit giving aid. >> reporter: egypt's interim president called for an end to the violence as he tries to steer the country forward to a new election. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the u.s. is reviewing its obligations to egypt under law and will consult with congress before any move is made about our country's aid to egypt. >>> firefighters are back on the scene of a two-alarm fire in elkton, cecil county. more than 60 firefighters from companies in cecil, harford, and chester county, pennsylvania, battle flames for over an hour and a half. damage to the buildings could be in the area of a million dollars. one firefighter was treated and released from the hospital with heat-related injuries. >>> in our region, the government estimates there are 11,000 companies working on cyber security. today, as mike schuh reports, a baltimore comp
under their belts. >> in maryland, we have very, very tough laws per thank to teens and driving -- pertaining to teens and driving. they are forbidden for having someone in the car with them like 12 months. it used to be six and they made it longer. that's if they pay attention to the law. >> i will tell you what is tougher, teaching them to be aggressive. you can't meander. you have to make definite driving moves. >> that comes with experience because that comes with confidence and experience. association like you said, a lot of times we are so nervous that they are distracted not looking at their surroundings. did i turn the clinker on. all these little things that come from experience. that's what they are all about and going on this web site and learning what kind of experience that you need to help your kids have. >> hey, listen, thanks for being with us. i guess we will see you talking about entertainment. >> there you go. you will indeed, tonight on entertainment tonight. good to talk to you. >> see you then, 7:30 right here on 13. taking a break and coming back with more
on unemployment rolls. >> reporter: the law means up to 600 million dollars in federal money is no longer being pumped into north carolina's economy. as for him, he might head elsewhere to find work if he can find a way to fill up his gas tank to leave. jim axel rod, cbs news, goldsboro north carolina. >> pelley: a firefighter honors his 19 fallen brothers. that story is next. when i'm on my feet all day, my lower back acts up. yeah, the pain can be really tough. and it's my family that suffers. then i learned that my pain started at my feet. this was me. that's when i found dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics. yep, i went pro. they reduce the impact on my lower body. p-r-o. i get pain relief from the ground up. so i feel less pain and more energized. it's that simple! i'm a believer. we're all believers! dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics-- pain relief that starts with your feet. i'm a believer. does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at >> pelley: in presco
is going to break the law on my watch. >> reporter: now, for snowden it could be difficult to get to south america because you have to fly through european air space. and it's unclear whether our european allies would stop that plane. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. >> snowden studies computers at anne arundel community college. >>> well, things have cooled off in baltimore this tuesday evening. right now, it's cloudy with a threat of a few showers around. wjz is live. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking live doppler radar. >> it's been quiet around here. we had a few showers. they moved off. but i did find a couple that just popped up in the extreme southern portions of the region. extreme southern portions of the bay. we had two cells there. one just to the west of st. mary's city. and it's pretty strong. going to move across the city shortly. another one, southwest of salisbury. so both of those areas will see a thundershower or even, let's call it ray moderate thunderstorm, moving through the next hour. as they continue to head
flowing to one of the strongest allies in the region. >> the law says if there is a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there is a coup. and the readministration-- administration is not wanting to cut off funding. >> reporter: egypt's interim president calls to an end to the violence. he is trying to steer the country. in a new direction. >> now, the u.s. say its is still committed to giving $1 billonnion -- billion in aid to egypt this year. >>> fort meade. the court-martial of army private bradley manning. he is accused of leaking a massive amount of secrets. the defense opened by showing video of a u.s. helicopter attack in baghdad, which it claims dozens of analysts had access to. >>> well, our string of warm, humid summer days continues. a live look outside now. not nearly as unbearable as it has been the last few days. we have weather and traffic. bob turk is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> quite a bit cooler than yesterday. still rather humid. and a few pop-up showers. very widely scattered. take a look at radar. we have one little cell that ju
. it was carried out under the intelligence title of law which meant really the head of the cia was the commander of the raid. but the actual raid was done by the military. so if it was an intelligence operation, all the files belong on the intelligence side. >> the pakistani military office saying the extent of their incompetence to put it mildly was astounding. the fact that they allowed the u.s. to fly in and carry out this raid without detection. >> and that's something that the u.s. went to -- i was actually briefed on that operation the day after by the director of the cia. i sat in on that briefing. and this wasn't simply just flying in unnoticed. the u.s. went to a lot of time and trouble to make sure that this worked. and i can't get into how they did that. but the pakistanis would have been pretty good if they did notice. >> john miller. thanks so much. >>> on the jersey shore there is a turf battle under way. sand dunes were put in place to protect the coastline from another disaster like superstorm sandy. one couple says though they're losing their view and the valve
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6